Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA)

The LGA is the peak membership organisation in South Australia that provides services, support and leadership to all 68 councils.

The organisation provides this leadership through representation to State and Federal governments, as well as to other key stakeholders.

One of the LGA’s key roles is as a driver of economic growth and development, and the organisation is leading collaboration between local and state government for a more prosperous South Australia.

Part of this collaboration focuses on supporting and facilitating small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage with China.

To achieve this, the LGA has entered into a partnership with the Shandong Bureau of Commerce to develop the SASD Connect platform.

This initiative aims to facilitate SMEs to engage with international markets, allowing local government to play a critical supporting role.

Role of the LGA in Trade and Investment

Local government is a natural leader in local economic development as councils understand the needs and comparative advantages of their communities.

As part of the LGA’s economic development strategy, the organisation plays an important role in China Engagement.

Local government has five main objectives to give small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a competitive advantage:

  1. To lead and inspire SMEs to grow through China engagement
  2. To educate SMEs and build their capability to engage
  3. To support SMEs to create/package China ready trade and investment opportunities
  4. To build a supported pathway to market and pre-qualified buyers and investors
  5. To support SMEs to convert opportunities

By achieving these goals, local government contributes to the overall economic development of both its regions and the state.